Chickakoo Nature Area – Perfect for Biodiversity Studies!

I was recently asked about ideas for biodiversity studies – and at the top of my list if you are in the Edmonton area would be the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area. Just a few minutes North of Stony Plain, this nature area is a real treasure.


Chickakoo is LOADED with bodies of water – lakes, ponds, sloughs – all easily accessible, safe, and perfect for collecting water samples. The flora is highly varied, your students will have a great time using any type of Alberta flora identification keys. There are also numerous spots perfect for studies of succession.

The nicest part of Chickakoo is the fantastic trail system – if you want to bring students for an hour, a morning, or even a full day, there are plenty of trails that you can follow to add a bit of exercise to your trip while you collect samples or make observations. There are a few great picnic sites too, and ample bus parking.

But pictures speak thousands of words, so check out the following photos, and start planning your biology/science field trip as soon as possible!

chick_23 chick_22 chick_21 chick_20 chick_19 chick_18 chick_17 chick_16 chick_15 chick_14 chick_13 chick_12 chick_11 chick_10 chick_09 chick_08 chick_06 chick_05 chick_04 chick_03 chick_02 chick_01

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