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Who (or what) is ScienceMan?

Back in September of 1997, I was struggling to integrate technology into my science classroom. Besides learning how to use interface equipment and computers effectively, the Internet was a real challenge. How do you efficiently get students to the resources you want them to see?

I experimented with bookmarks for a while, but that just wasn't (and still isn't!) practical. So I decided to put together an internet page of annotated links that would help my students find what they needed. When a few other teachers discovered the page... well, all heck broke loose! Many teachers made suggestions on what they'd like to see on a teacher's science education page - good quality links with curriculum suggestions, software reviews to help them decide what to buy, professional development oppotunities, hardware suggestions and help... and so on! As a result, ScienceMan has evolved over the last 8 years into what you are visiting now... a real hub of science and technology information!

I often get the comment... "Where do you find the time to do all of this?" Well, teachers all know there are not enough hours in the day - but I find time for this labour of love. I am cursed with a great love for both science and computer-geek stuff, so ScienceMan is a wonderful way to express that love.

I hope you find ScienceMan useful in your classroom, or for whatever!


ScienceMan has been lucky enough to be awarded with a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence for 2001.
ScienceMan has been awarded one of the 6 National 1999 Roy C. Hill Awards of great merit for his project, "Integration of Computers into Science Instruction".
In 1998, ScienceMan was nominated for a "Telus Innovative Use of Technology Award"
In 1999, ScienceMan was a finalist in the Alberta Excellence in Teaching Awards
ScienceMan won the 1999 "Education Project of the Year Award" from the Canadian College of Teachers, M.E. LaZerte Chapter
ScienceMan has been named "Alberta's Outstanding Science Teacher" for 1999-2000 by the Science Council of the Alberta Teacher's Association
ScienceMan has been accepted as a preferred resource at Canada's SchoolNet!
ScienceMan has been recognized as a Top Site by Education Planet.

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