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The Provincial Museum of Alberta Natural History - Hey, I used to work here, so I know it's a great resource! Many fields of natural history are covered. A good field trip possibility for you Albertans!


Explore the Fantastic Forest - The environment comes alive in this inventive adventure! See a variety of animals in different habitats while travelling through the forest. Strap on your shockwave plug-in and grab your machete!

Reef Education Network - This huge, wonderful site has everything you want to know about reefs and presents it in an entertaining manner ("Ask a Brain Coral!"). Slap on your scuba gear and jump right in!

The Coral Reef Alliance - an excellent page for learning about coral reefs and to get involved with their protection. Use the pull-down menu to access tons of information, my favorite section is the spectacular Coral Reef Photobank.

NOAA Coral Reef Online - another fantastic page for detailed coral reef information.

SeaWorld Corals and Coral Reef Page - well-organized coral reef basics.

JungleWalk - the name speaks for itself! A wonderful walk, be prepared to discover many organisms.

Earth Cycles

Energy Flow in Ecosystems - although provided for a University class, this page is clearly written and accurately summarizes the scientific principles involved in energy flow.

Environment Ecosystems - a marine institute page that discusses three cycles; carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen.


Office of Energy Efficiency - Terrific tips, tools, resources for consumers... many of the publications are online, but those that aren't are mailed for free!

Energuide Program - efficiency information on appliances, heating equipment, houses and cars. Well organized site!

Natural Resources Canada - tons of info on Canada's resources and conservation.

The Toll from Coal - an excellent report on the negative effects of coal burning on the environment.


The Missing Link - a wonderful NOVA site for studying evolution.

Human Impact

Water Quality - environment Canada's site is a good one, offering info on determining water quality, natural water cycles, the pH scale, lots of publications and info for consumers too.

Climate Change - very good site provided by the US environmental protection agency.

The Greenhouse Effect - excellent links and great resources.

Action on Waste - Alberta Environment page that provides information on dealing with waste in Alberta. Also provides links to other waste sites, such as the Recycling Council of Alberta, Alberta Plastic Recycling Association, and the Alberta Dairy Council Milk Jug Recycling Program.

Endangered Species in Canada - another great page from the Canadian Wildlife Service, this page discusses why it is important to care about endangered species and gives examples of recovery programs. If you are interested in a U.S. list of endangered species, try this page.

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