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Updated February 20, 2006

Idea and Article Archive

Educational, technological, computer ideas and discussions for teachers, learners and computer geeks of all ages.

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Special Information Articles

Title Latest Update Synopsis
ScienceMan's Flower Page Feb 20, 2006 hey, no teasing! ScienceMan's page for pretty flowers.

Classroom Activity Ideas

Title Latest Update Synopsis
TV Set Dissection Feb 20, 2006 a great idea for your senior high physics class!
Laser Refraction Demo Feb 20, 2006 bend laser light with this cool demonstration.
What's Inside a Battery? Feb 20, 2006 an alkaline is chopped in half to reveal it's innards!
Video Projectiles Feb 20, 2006 using video to analyse projectiles.
Forcing Bulbs Feb 20, 2006 get blooms in the dead of winter!
CO2 Powered Cars Feb 20, 2006 a blast of fun!
Cell Models Feb 20, 2006 low tech fun with whatever you can find!
Motor Building Feb 20, 2006 simple fun with batteries and magnets!
Physics Field Trip Feb 20, 2006 road trip!
Crayfish Adaptations Feb 20, 2006 don't get pinched!
Owl Pellet Bones Feb 20, 2006 what's inside owl barf?
Nerdbaits Feb 20, 2006 a junior high project to investigate how heat transfer can be prevented.
Potential to Kinetic Energy Project Feb 20, 2006 a senior high project that's a free-for-all! Beware - disturbing images!

Probeware Labs

Title Latest Update Synopsis
Interface Osmosis Lab Feb 20, 2006 turn a goofy old lab into something accurate and interesting!
WavePort Software Feb 20, 2006 analyzing and generating sounds.
Toy Car Velocity Feb 20, 2006 time to raid the dollar store!
Dynamics Cart Feb 20, 2006 time for some crash up derby!
Rocket Engine Impulse Feb 20, 2006 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... fire!
Potential to Kinetic Lab Feb 20, 2006 how energy is transferred down an inclined plane.
Ballistics Feb 20, 2006 very cool projectile launcher for use in ballistics studies

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