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Student Links

Instructional Support Centre - at the University of St. Thomas. Fantastic study help in their studyguide section. If you have trouble studying, this is the place to start.

Yahooligans -Wow! If you're trying to look up any scientific topic, here's a fun place to start... especially for grades 7-10. Good gravy!... there's even homework answers (I didn't tell you that)!

Introduction to Cosmology - The infinite cosmos - explained? Yes! Actually understandable!

Stereo Image of the Solar System- Got your red- blue 3D glasses? This site has fantastic planet images in 3D! Psychedelic, freak me out man! (Do you kids still talk like that?)

Cool and Useful Student Resources - The name says it all. So I'll shut up. No, I won't. Go to this site!

Ask an Expert - Too lazy to find the answer yourself? Itchingly curious about the green lumps on your scalp? Ask an expert! This site brings together scientists from all disciplines to answer your questions.

Mad Scientists - Didn't find your answer? Try here!

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