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Teacher Links

Ministries of Education by Province/State

(U.S. Links Coming Soon!)

Teacher Classroom Resources

Learn Alberta - Teacher tools, research, movies, projects, curricular resources - all copyright friendly. Also for the convenience of Alberta teachers - Alberta Learning - K-12, publications, testing (diploma/achieve), curriculum (science), ATA

Canada's SchoolNet - Learning resources, online newspaper (en français)

Cornell Math and Science Gateway - links to resources

Educational Resource Info Center - Q&A, library, lesson plans, database

The Science Page - Links, labs and lesson plans

The Sciences Explorer - Interviews, experiments, links, facts, puzzles

Prentice Hall School (Science) - Curriculum support for various textbooks

Critical Mass - Education links

Access Excellence - Info, links, factoids, teaching resources

Science Central - Terrific site with interactive tests and review exercises

Let's Talk Science - Great links, information, workshops at reasonable prices.

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