Tutorial – Yenka – Getting Started


Welcome to the Yenka Tutorial Series


Yenka’s ability to do so much at a very affordable price has the ScienceMan very excited. And in today’s changing classroom where interactive whiteboard technologies are becoming more and more important, Yenka fits in wonderfully with its custom whiteboard features.

Yenka Tutorial – Learning the Yenka Interface

The first thing you need to explore with Yenka is it’s interface – thankfully, it is very intuitive and easy to use. When you start up Yenka, you will be presented with the two parts to the interface – the topic menu and the toolbar (click the following image for a larger view, or better yet, start up your copy of Yenka and follow along!):


How do you use the topic menu and toolbar? Time for a ScienceMan tutorial video!

sciman_videoYenka Tutorials

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial! The Yenka.com website also has some terrific tutorials for learning how to use different components of Yenka software. Simply visit the Yenka Training Videos page, and start searching or browsing.

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