Stunning 4K Time-lapse of the Sun

NASA’s solar dynamics observatory is known for taking spectacular images of the Sun. Someone had the fantastic idea to take the high-resolution images and string them together, resulting in a spectacular animation.

What’s more is that this animation was rendered in 4K, so you can view it full-size on even the largest monitors without any loss in quality. So this would be a good video to “view on YouTube“, and then, if you’ve got the bandwidth to support it, choose “4K” (2160p) from the settings in the lower right part of the YouTube frame. (As an aside, I viewed this animation full-screen on my new 5K Retina iMac, and the quality really blew my mind!)

It should also be noted that this animation shows sunspot AR 2192 – the largest sunspot in the last 22 years.


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