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MIT Biology Hypertextbook - Where have you been all my life? Here's where you go if you have a biology concept to look up and need a great diagram. Completely searchable, also organized by chapters for you linear thinkers - even includes practice problems. Bookmark this baby.

The Tree of Life - Phylogeny explained, diagrammed and represented extremely well. Don't knock yourself out drawing lines and lists all over your blackboard... bring your students here.

Lubey's Biology Help Pages - Mr. Lubey, otherwise known as "Capt. Bio", has created a great set of pages for biology students to review basic material. You might save time by going directly to the biology course outline to see the collection of helper pages. Thanks for your great sense of humour, Lubey!

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography - wow! This site is great for grabbing information on scientists. Indispensable!

Biology Online - as the webmaster puts it, "the site aims to promote education online, particularly in the biological sciences, and is an excellent tool for high school students and avid learners of the subject. It includes numerous tutorials and an online dictionary.


NetFrog - Interactive Frog Dissection - Ribbit! Grab your scapels and dig in... no worrying about cleaning up here! This site has enough awards to fill a whole pond and it deserves them all. Take your whole class here or use as a substitute for the squeamish. A must for review purposes. Enjoy your frog legs. - Maybe the best interactive dissection, or site that matter, on the Internet. Amazing. Should be used by every class that's going to dissect a frog - but after you've done it, you'll wonder... what's better,, or the real thing?

Insect Drawings at Illinois - OK, so this has limited appeal but it's one of my absolute favorites sites on the internet. Why? Many of the drawings are rescued originals from the 1920's and 30's... they are beautifully rendered in exquisite detail. Please take a look if you have even the slightest interest in things entomological... you won't be disappointed.

Bugs in the News! - Way cool site with excellent layman explanations regarding everything microbiological. The "What the Heck is..." format is really inviting and enjoyable.

Amphibian Embryology Tutorial - You just gotta go here! Students will love the clear pictures and quicktime movies that are clearly organized. Stages follow one another a simply as a hypercard stack - embryology definitely made understandable.

Protist Image Database - Sure it'll make your skin crawl, but that's protists for ya! Don't waste your time trying to find your volvox (it's not a Swedish car, by the way)... look here! An excellent resource for Alberta science 7's as well.

Coelacanth - Just in time for your Biology 30 discussion of evolution! Good pictures of that ugly denizen of the deep, with some interesting discussion thrown in.

Alternation of Generations - this site includes relevant links to moss and fern examples. Not exciting but gets the job done.

Project Micro - a fantastic collection of microscopy resources - teacher manuals, links, purchasing tips, microscopy training, get it all here and more. A must stop!

DragonFly Museum - a beautiful site loaded with wonderful insect imagery. Also includes great life cycle information and pictures, and some great insect links to boot.

The Butterfly Website - Learn all about butterflies!

Spiracles: The Breath of Life - A page from James Cook University (Australia) that has a few excellent electron microscope pictures of insect spiracles.

The Online Cat Dissection - amazing! Fluffy might not appreciate this site but you will! Beautiful, clearly labelled images make this site superb, and to top it all off, quizzes and other resources are included.

The Bioluminescence Web Page - I can't help but give this site a "glowing" review!

Shark Tank! -'s totally cool image collection of weird and wonderful sharks. Just when it was safe to go back on the 'net!

Autodax Salamander Feeding Movies - I can't help thinking about sunday dinner at the in-law's when I visit this site! No, strike that. This is easier to watch then my brother-in-law eating ribs.

Animal Information Database - this SeaWorld site does a wonderful job of listing facts about a wide variety of animals, and includes the cutest baby pictures!

Royal Tyrrell Museum Virtual Tour - take a look through the world's greatest dinosaur museum!

Charles Darwin Foundation - solicits support funds, but the page has some great information on some of the creatures of the Galapagos.

Dinosauricon Art Gallery - beautiful! Some of the images at this site are jaw-droppingly beautiful! Enjoy a wonderful collection of dinosaur drawings, photographs, paintings and digital representations from artists from all around the world.

Duck-billed Platypus - check out this excellent information page from the Wildlife of Tasmania pages, provided by the Tasmanian parks and wildlife service.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Teacher Resources - free interactions and ecosystems activities and interactive lessons are available from Ducks Unlimited. Simply register, then choose the grade 7 and 8 materials and they will be sent to you free of charge.

Ant Colony - ants are an excellent species to study to concepts of population and community. Visit the Ant Colony site to learn about fire ants, army ants, leaf cutters and carpenter ants. You can even learn how to set up an artificial nest! When you're done, check out the excellent ant page at to learn about the important role ants play in the balance of nature.

Dinobase - Just like it sounds, this should be your first stop if you are looking for a "dinosaur database". Dinosaurs are listed in every which way possible - by date, species, genera - you are bound to find the beast you are looking for.

Project Exploration Dinosaurs - Paleontologist Paul Sereno helped create the Project Exploration site to help bring natural science to the public, and empower urban youth through hands-on experimentation. The dinosaur section of the website lets you learn about dinosaurs discovered by Sereno-led teams, and also follow him on his latest expedition to the Gobi desert.

Dinolinks - the largest collection of reliable dinosaur links on the Internet - find what you need here!

Animal Adaptations - learn how to do your own ecosystem research and find out all about animal adaptations.

Symbiosis - what is it? Also has a great link that describes the life of a parasite.

Pesticides and Wild Birds - this very good page from the Canadian Wildlife Service explains the many ways that birds can be harmed by irresponsible pesticide use.

Vancouver Island Marmot Pages - this is an award-winning page of information, pictures and links on the Vancouver Island Marmot.

The Earthworm Hole - this site provided by the New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research has information on the role of earthworms, the different species, and how farming effects them.

Operation Rubythroat: The Hummingbird Project - Operation RubyThroat is an award-winning cross-disciplinary project in which participants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris). This Web-based project is open to anyone, but K-12 teachers and students especially are invited to participate.

Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History - informative text and photographs of flora and fauna that can be found in most habitats in the eastern U.S. - a rich source of information about all sorts of nature topics.


The Slow Death of Spontaneous Generation (1668-1859) - A clear and concise description of the historical happenings concerning the downfall of spontaneous generation theory.

The Big Picture Book of Viruses - It freaks me out to think how much work was done putting this page together! You can search viruses by name, structure, genome or by host - when you find what you're looking for, you'll see clear pix, representations and electron micrographs. For those of you interested in classification, an introduction to viral taxonomy is provided. An amazing site!

Cellular Respiration and Fermentation - Good graphics, analogies and a clear explanation of the processes make this a good page to visit for review.

Virtual Cell - Don't miss this one... a beautiful virtual dissection of a plant cell supplemented with excellent electron microscopy. A bio teacher's dream, this one.

Cells Alive! - I can't imagine teaching about microorganisms without this site - it is utterly amazing. Beautiful images and movies of everything from infecting HIV to dividing bacteria. Please don't miss this one, and bring your quicktime plug-in!

WWW Cell Biology Course - Soooo... you don't have that cell lesson plan ready yet (or did the dog eat it?), well, it's not a problem. This site is a complete overview of the cell with clear images and descriptions of organelles.

Cell cycle - One of the best sites I've ever seen - once again from the wizards from the biology project at the University of Arizona - clear, unmatched coverage of the cell cycle.

History of the Light Microscope - Want to know about the interesting beginnings of light microscopy? Start here!

Transport In and Out of Cells - Curious about how substances get across the cell membrane? This page describes diffusion, osmosis and some other ways cell accomplish the transport task.

Chemistry of Bioluminescence - clearly explains the chemical processes involved bioluminescence.

Microbeworld - holey microbe, Batman! An amazing site that provides microbe mysteries, high quality visual resources, amazing facts, microbe descriptions, and much, much more! Don't miss this site!

Microbe Zoo - time for a microbe safari! Visit "Dirtland", the "Animal Pavillion", "Snack Bar", "Space Adventure" and "Waterworld". Each journey takes you to interesting facts, pictures and activities. You'll love it!

Library of Cell Biology - an incredible treasure trove of cell biology links.

The Wonders of Microbes - in some ways, microbes are the foundation of life on Earth. Find out why from this site - and you may want to check out the portrait gallery and "amazing facts and tales".

Microbes Info - is an internet gateway portal designed to bring useful and interesting microbiology informational resources to all interested. is a firm starting point for finding information concerning Microbiology.

Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology - an incredible treasure trove of cell biology links.


Blood Types - A good overview discussion page on blood types and compatability.

Genetic Education Centre - Wow! What a storehouse of genetics info. Especially good coverage of the human genome project.

MendelWeb - Besides having Mendel's original paper translated on-line, this site has essays commentaries, bibiolographies, reference materials, links to exercises, homework sets and much more!

Primer on Molecular Genetics - Clear pictures and descriptions take you through the basics of DNA, genes, chromosomes, genome mapping, genetic sequencing and more! Not a splashy site but gets the job done.

Genetics 320 - Scroll down this page to see the entire course online, lecture by lecture. No fancy talk, just clear explanations and wonderful diagrams. The fisrt few lectures are very useable in the high school class, as are later ones on mutation.

Genetics in Context - A wonderful timeline of all the important papers and historical contributions to the development of modern genetics. All the American presidents in the comparison timeline will be a little irritating to Canucks. It's constructed kinda funny so make sure your browser window is set nice and wide.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - An incredible searchable database of human genes and genetic disorders - you'll find everything needed here... text info, pictures, further reference information - one the best sources of genetic info, period!

Genetic Education Center - Wow! A great deal of genetics resources.

Karyotype sheets - Need 'em? This site has normal male, female and several abnormal karyotypes that can be printed out in a jiffy.

GenLink - useful for showing students the complexity of actual human gene mapping, probably too complex for mapping questions.

Genetics Virtual Library - a massive storehouse of links to genetics related topics. Excellent collection.

Genetic Science Learning Center - What is DNA? What is a gene? Find out at this excellent site, which houses superb flash animations. If you like, you can download the animations to your hard drive.

DNA From the Beginning - an absolutely spectacular genetics site! Excellent instruction and great flash animations. Don't miss this one.


High Blood Pressure - an excellent description of the problem and it's causes.

High Blood Pressure - Treat it For Life - another great descriptive page, includes medication information.

Louis Pasteur - A page describing Pasteur's life and contributions to science.

National Cancer Institute - this site and it's CancerNet subdivision does an excellent job of covering issues such as types of cancer, treatment options, and coping with diesease. There is also an excellent section devoted to clinical trials - learning about them and finding out how patients are chosen for them.

American Cancer Society - this site lists latest news issues regarding cancer on the main page. The rest of the site is very good at providing concise information how patients can cope with treatments and offers links to pages that cover the specifics of different types of cancers.

Cancer Glossary - learning about cancer can be hampered by words like "chondrosarcoma". Increase your cancer vocabulary by visiting this very good glossary, posted within the University of Texas MD. Anderson Cancer Center site.

The Wild Cells - an amazing teacher resource from the Canadian Cancer Society. This is a set of PDF files that helps to to introduce students to cancer prevention, detection, treatment and the impact of cancer in Canadians. The files are mostly classroom activities for the teacher to use, but some are text resources for students reading.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Brain Surgery - understandable descriptions of just about everything that can go wrong with the brain and how it can be treated with surgery. The site has an excellent primer on Brain Tumors.

Basic Information About Brain Tumors - exactly as the title describes - part of the very good Brain Tumor Society page.

Breast Cancer Guide - the page covers everything, right from explaining examinations, to describing biopsy procedures, to treatment, to reconstructive techniques. An excellent non-nonsense resource. You may also want to check out the directing page for this link, the New York Online Access to Health Breat Cancer page. - probably the most comprehensive coverage of breast anatomy and health on the internet - well organized with clear diagrams and excellent explanations.

CancerCare - although this site does sell some services to cancer patients, it has an excellent section of free to access pages on particular types of cancer - leukemia, brain, breast, colon, lung, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate.

Oncolink - brought to you by the University of Pennsylvania health centre. It does a good job of clearly explaining many different aspects of cancer - it's a good place to start.

Neuromuscular Disease Center - A very thorough site including all sorts of resources, text and pictures on neuromuscular anatomy, pathology, molecules and syndromes. A terrific research site!

Meningitis Research Foundation - clear facts about the symptoms of the disease with some pictures of "the rash". The site has also tailored pages for different age groups, and a description of the disease from someone who suffered through it.

Meningitis Foundation of America - Information on symptoms (in small children too), treatment, prevention and support for families struck by the disease. Excellent section on the different varieties of the disease.

Meningococcal Meningitis - A clear overview of the disease in only a couple of pages, suitable for photocopying.

Necrotizing Fasciitis: Health Canada - a good description of disease with cause, symptoms and research for treatment.

Invasive Step Infections - Canadian Paediatric Society - another good description of flesh-eating disease symptoms plus interesting facts about children and the disease.

Streptococcal Disease - an excellent FAQ sheet from the Centre for Disease Control, also discusses toxic shock syndrome.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - very reliable information. They also have a page from which you can order (no charge) several educational publications.

Heart Information Network - excellent health information regarding the heart. A little tough to navigate, but you're bound to find what you need.

Heart Valve Diseases - very comprehensive site on heart valve disease.

MedLine Plus - an amazing compendium of health information.

Human Anatomy

Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton - you must stop here when studying the skeletal system - this site is an excellently organized collection of x-rays of the entire human body. Terrific teaching tool!

Digital Anatomist Project - Although the dissections have been "candied over" to make them more palatable for general viewing audiences, this is still an incredible human body anatomy site. It's not exactly obvious where to click at this site, so you better scope it before using it in class.

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy - Miraculous light and electron microscope pictures. You can even do your own electron microscopy with the "javascript SEM". You must take your biology students here.

The Heart and the Circulatory System - You've gotta have heart, baby! This site has it all - history of heart biology, clear descriptions of heart and circulatory system function, suggested activities and great diagrams. Come here... this site will definitely "pump you up"!

The Heart: An Online Exploration - Have a heart, eh? This site pumps you through the development, structure, and associated mechanisms of the heart. Good diagrams, plus movies. Even includes a history of heart research.

Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord - Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it? Images are superb, the neurology is enticing and understandable. My pea sized brain has determined this is a site worth visiting.

Neurosciences on the Internet. It's an easy to use, browsable and searchable index of neuroscience resources.

The Whole Brain Atlas - is exactly what it says... an atlas of the brain! Fantastic still and moving images (MRI's, x-rays - you name it!) of healthy and diseased brains.

Dana Brain Web - Want to know more about headaches? Alzeimer's disease? Deafness? Schizophrenia? Spend some time at this beautifully organized site and you'll be up to snuff on a number of brain maladies in no time.

Neural Crest - an amazing site... it covers neural crest formation, timing of development, migratory pathways and more. Great diagrams and animations are included.

The Visible Human Project - One way or another, this site is going to provide you a fantastic visual voyage through the body structure you are interested in. You gotta love a 3-D virtual colonoscopy!

Heart Homepage - Although not the slickest site on the net, it provides just about every possible fact about heart health and disease in the form of FAQ's. Great page for clear answers that get right to the "heart" of the matter.

American Heart Association - A great page to get clear information on heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Question and answer format with clear explanations.

Pathophysiology of the Digestive System - Includes thorough coverage of the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system... nothing like a voyage through the ol' colon to start your day!

Virtual Tour of the Ear - is an excellent site to get anatomical and functional information about the ear ... it also includes cadaver (I'm assuming!) labelled photos with drawn diagrams side-by-side for easy indentification of structures.

Obstetric Ultrasound - This award-winning site describes everything you've wanted to know about ultrasound. Pictures, java, animations and amazing quicktime movies (boy, some of those babies can really kick)!

In Vitro Fertilization - This site is excellent - a clear description with some good pix too!

On the Natural Faculties - Galen's Original Book Are you interested in reading a translation of what Galen actually wrote about his discoveries of how internal body structures worked? Read or download his original book.

The Heart - Summary of heart function and the role of the circulatory system.

Puget Sound Blood Center - If you need to know about blood, this is the site to visit. Clear explanations of what blood is made of, how it is formed, donating, transplants and even blood history.

Everest - High Exposure: Humans at Altitude - A great site courtesy of Nova and PBS. Hear and read interviews with experts, take brain tests that mountain climbers use, learn about mountain gear and how the body uses oxygen. All this informaiton is combined with excellent pictures.

The Respiratory System - Basic Function - A clear diagram and explanation of how the repsiratory system works. Part of the American Medical Association Altas of the Body.

The Heart Preview Gallery - How did the ScienceMan miss this one? This gallery is amazing... there are activities like listening to a beating heart, viewing heart x-rays, checking out a echocardiogram procedure, learn how to take your pulse in different ways, take a journey down an artery, and many more!

Cardiovascular Pathology Index - An excellent site (and graphic!... beware!) featuring anatomy pictures of heart problems - also some microscopic heart sections to see.

Hematopathology Index - Well done slides of various blood disorders. Also a great resource for educators who can't use real blood in their classes.

Pulmonary Pathology Index - Holey lung abscess, Batman! Some of these strikingly clear photos are real stomach turners, but it is very educational.

Your Kidneys and How They Work - clear, plain talk about renal function and what happens when kidneys fail. Great diagrams. Make sure you make this is your first stop when researching the excretory system.

CliniWeb Anatomy Tree - only for the most serious research assignments! This page doesn't seem like much, but it's linked to to all sorts of anatomy resources.

Neuroscience for Kids - sure, it's for the younger crowd but there is still a wealth of information, activities and links here.

Dissections of the Real Brain - mmm, mmm good! This site from the Virtual Hospital is just outstanding. Graphic and crystal clear images allow you to journey through all the human brain parts and structures. Don't miss this great site.

Paul Joachim's Endoscope Animation - it's cool, but you've got to checkout his other animations and drawings of natural phenomenon. Very good.

Pediatric Endoscope Photos - great internal body pictures. Very high quality!

Human Physiology and Anatomy - this site was developed for a university course at the U of Nebraska, but it works well for extra time practice, has excellent pictures of slides, and is loaded with practice questions!


Fun Facts About Fungi - Puffballs, terminators and launching pads... yes, we are talking about fungi! Check this site out and let your fungi knowledge mushroom!

The Fungi Kingdom - everything you wanted to know about fungi but were afraid to smell. Part of the Natural Perspective site.

Botanic Sorting Machine - Combines plant taxonomy with a cool internet design - a separate browser window displays a great photo of the plant in question. A very good way to locate and get a glimpse of a particular plant species.

Plant Anatomy - The slides you will find at this site were prepared for a university course, but they are excellent microscope pictures of plant parts - can you spot the different plant tissues?

Plants and Their Structure - covers everything... in one page! Great place to start students on plant basics. Note - this server is frequently unreliable - check back if you can't get in. - quick, what's an Alluadia dumosa? Don't know? Then come to, a site that lists all common and species names for plants, with descriptions too.

Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Page - holey dendrochronology, Batman! If you want to know anything about tree-rings, this is the place to go! My favorite section is the gallery.

Angiosperm Anatomy - excellent microscopy throughout this site. A must stop for basic angiosperm information.

The Harmful Algae Page - excellent pictures of phytoplankton blooms, but that's only a small part of this site. Species, human impact, distribution map... they are all here and more!

Rocky Mountain Rare Plants - beware, this site does have a commercial component, but it also has some great pictures of rare plants and instructions on trying to grow your own.

Photosynthesis - everything you wanted to know about making glucose and oxygen!

The Carninorous Plant FAQ - beautiful pictures and clear answers for all your carnivorous plant questions!

Leaf Colour Links! - find great information about why leaves change colour at these sites - BBC education, SUNY, ScienceNet, ScienceMadeSimple, and NCSU.

Invasive Plants in Canada - the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network maintains an excellent list of all the currently known alien plant species.

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