Tutorial – Yenka Light and Sound – Eye Problems


Welcome to the Yenka Tutorial Series

z_yenka_001ScienceMan’s having a such blast playing and learning with Yenka, I thought, why not put some Yenka ideas online for teachers and students to check out?

So without further any further blabbing, here’s today’s tutorial:

Yenka Light and Sound – Eye Problems

One of the great things about Yenka is its ability to bring static phenomenon to life. I’m sure you’ve all seen eye cross-section diagrams showing near-sightedness and farsightedness. But without the ability to change the shape of the lens, move the object, shift the position of the retina… how can we learn about how fixing these eye problems?

Yenka to the rescue! With Yenka, it’s easy to simulate the situation of an eyeball. With the help of a convex lens to represent the lens in the eye and a screen to represent the retina, playing “optometrist” is very easy!

yenka_eye_probsOnce you’ve dragged those components onto your workspace, it’s just a matter of “playing” with different thin lenses in front of the “eye” lens to see what corrects the vision problem. It’s that simple! Please watch the following tutorial for a complete guide to setting up your own Yenka eyeball simulation:

sciman_videoQuestions about Yenka? Feel free to comment on this post. Also, the good people at the Yenka website have also put together their own fantastic collection of tutorials.

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