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z_yenka_001ScienceMan’s having a such blast playing and learning with Yenka, I thought, why not put some Yenka ideas online for teachers and students to check out?

So without further any further blabbing, here’s today’s tutorial:

Yenka Chemistry – Alkali Metal Reactions

One of the great things about Yenka is its ability to simulate chemical reactions in a realistic way. This is becoming more and more important as jurisdictions move to ban more and more of the “fun” chemicals from classrooms due to safety concerns.

Falling into this category are the alkali metals. It would be great to drop a big hunk of potassium into water in front of students, but for obvious reasons, that’s not really a good idea!

Well, with Yenka, there’s no need to fret about safety concerns. Simply drop the metals into your beaker, add water, and watch the fun! Yenka does a great job of simulating all aspects of the reaction.

yenka_alkaliAnother great feature of Yenka is the great set of presentation tools that can be used to set up things like chemical reactions. This allows you to prep the reactants in a simulation for your students, and they need only combine the reactants and make their observations. Check out the following ScienceMan tutorial video for an example:

sciman_videoQuestions about Yenka? Feel free to comment on this post. Also, the good people at the Yenka website have also put together their own fantastic collection of tutorials.

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  1. I have loved your videos since the start and you were one of the ognirial youtube channels who got me interested in chemistry in the first place. I would like for you very much to check out my channel (neodymiumpain) to see some of my crappy videos (nothing as good as yours). Thanks alot!

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