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Welcome to the Yenka Tutorial Series

z_yenka_001ScienceMan’s having a such blast playing and learning with Yenka, I thought, why not put some Yenka ideas online for teachers and students to check out?

So without further any further blabbing, here’s today’s tutorial:

Working with Objects

Yenka’s greatest strength is making it ridiculously easy to create simulations. In the past, complicated programming languages and skills would be necessary to make objects interact on your computer screen. Not any more! Yenka makes simulation building as simple as dragging and dropping.

For example, suppose you wanted to build a simple circuit. In Yenka, all you need to do is drag your circuit components onto the screen and connect them:

yenka_circuitWant to see this drag and drop manipulation of objects in action? Check out this ScienceMan tutorial video!



Questions about Yenka? Feel free to comment on this post. Also, the good people at the Yenka website have also put together their own fantastic collection of tutorials.

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