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Chalkbored Chemistry Resources - wow, what an excellent collection of chemistry teaching resources! High school chemistry teachers will find loads of labs, study notes, powerpoint lessons, handouts, and much more. Thanks for the fantastic resources, Jeremy!

Alchemy Virtual Library - The absolute centre of Alchemy on the web. You'll find hundreds of images, discussions, bibiolographies, texts, articles, and much, much more. Even has a bookshop and links pertaining to alchemy in different cultures. Fantastic site for students and teachers to dive into Alchemy.

Chem Resources - Good list of labs with supporting documentation.

Chemistry Software for Apple Macintosh. It has several freeware, shareware and demo chemistry programs that are bound to be useful in the chemistry classroom. You can even download some of the programs directly from the site. Vielen Dank, Oliver!

ChemInfoNet - Safety, workshops, teacher resources - an absolutely excellent collection of chemistry stuff. A must see.

Chemdex - maintained by the University of Sheffield, a great site to start searching for the chemistry resources you need.

Making Cement - Factory Tour - wanna know how cement is made?

ChemLab - Dartmouth college has put together an amazing page meant to tutor students through chem labs. You'll find 8 great labs, and I also recommend stopping by the java index - the applets here are simply amazing... you must try out the periodic table and spectroscopy applets. Terrific site!

Chemistry Computer Graphics - wow! This page is ripe with 3D visualizations of molecules, orbitals, movies of chem experiments such as the Millikan's oil drop, and much, much more! Most of the movies are in Quicktime format, and some are pretty big, so you'll need patience or a fast connection. A terrific page, enjoy!

The General Chemisty Glossary - a terrific "look-up" page that should be in every chemist's bookmarks!

General Chemistry Questions and Answers - an excellent page to find out more about chemistry laws and the history behind them.

History of Chemisty: FAQs - at the top of this list of questions and answers is an explanation of Lavoisier's chemical classification. Check out the other links on the page for more insight into chemistry history.

ACD labs - Chemistry freeware.

Chemistry Calculator - let's just say that it's a dream come true for chemistry teachers! Honest to goodness help for students in balancing equations.


The pH Factor - Everything you wanted to know about pH! Enough said!

The Pressure Chamber - Do three cool experiments that will allow your students investigate the ideal gas law. Very good!


Atomic Orbitals - Having trouble describing and helping students to visualize this difficult subject? Take them here for beautifully clear images, movies and explanations of all the different visualization techniques. Also check out the associated page, Molecular Orbitals.

Types of Chemical Bonding - good diagrams supplement explanations of basic bonding types.

Chemical Bonding Analogies - can't understand bonding? Try these analogies!

Chemical Bonding - a very clear page that discusses several bonding types, with excellent diagrams too.

Chemical Bonding - An Introduction - this page serves as a discussion overview of the bonding types.

Chemical Bonds: Frequently Asked Questions - get your questions about chemical bonding answered here.

Atoms, Molecules and States of Matter - does a very good job of explaining laws that govern chemical compounds and reactions.

Make Some Goop! - this may be a fun mixture to make, but what type is it? More gross goopy recipes can be found here.

Cosmetic Confusion - good place to learn about cosmetic basics, what cosmetic terms mean, and what ingredients are allowed.

Chemical and Physical Changes - a clear explanation of the difference between these two, plus demonstration movies as well.

Classify Matter

The Periodic Table - the amazing elemental organizational device.

Base Peak Mass Spectrometry Educational Resources - terms, movies definitions, just about everything you need to supplement your mass spectrometry studies!

Growing Crystals - No wonder the crystals I grow are always so lousy! I never dreamed it was so complicated to grow good crystals. Come here if you want great crystal growing tips! Curriculum Connections: lab techniques (skills)

Atomic Structure - a definition/review site for high school. Not flashy, but good for studying.

Molecules of the Month - fascinating information on very interesting molecules.

A Short History of Metals - a professor at Carnegie Mellon University has done a good job of reviewing the history of metallurgy.

Transition Metals - get more information on the metals in the heart of the periodic table. Part of the useful site.

Dalton's Atomic Theory - a clear page explaining Dalton's ideas.

Atomic Structure - information on history as well as all the details of atomic structure.

Atomic Structure Timeline - excellent list of scientists and dates regarding atomic discoveries.

Chem4Kids: Atomic Structure - where are those electrons, neutrons and protons? Visit this page to find out.

Atomic Stuctrure and Periodic Properties - a very good page that discusses atomic structure but goes one step furhter by relating structure to the organization of the periodic table.

Dmitri Mendeleev Online - a huge resource of links on Mendeleev!


Molecules in Motion - Side by side containers with alterable numbers of molecules and temperature (plus a removable barrier) allow you to effectively illustrate diffusion.

Atomic Emission Detector - learn all about the latest tool for gas chromatography.

Basic Liquid Chromatography - not an exciting page, but covers every detail imaginable regarding liquid chromatography.

How Freeze-drying Works - a clear explanation of the process. Make sure you explore the links at the bottom of the page regarding other food preservation techniques.

Lyophilization - is the fancy name for freeze-drying. Learn more about it at this page.

What is an MRE - mmmm... plastic pouch food! Visit this page to learn more about military ready to eat meals.

History of Matches - the very beginning of matches started with a discovery in 1669. Read the whole histroy at this site. While you're at it, visit this page to learn more about how matches are made, and this page has a detailed history wit a lot of chemical information.

Organic Chemistry

Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems - It's a mouthful people, but basically we're talking about glowing food here! This is an extremely interesting subject, with the possibility of you copying this work in class with your students (clear instructions and diagrams are included). There's nothing better than a glowing pickle!

Amino Acid Anatomy - Want a cool way to see the basic parts of an amino acid? Ever wonder what makes amino acids different from each other? This page animates the anatomy of an amino acid, then shows 3-D diagrams of all the amino acids - good stuff!

Mathmol - Molecular modeling site - chem teachers, don't miss this one! Great activities section, step-by-step explanations and the quick tour is a must for any high school student trying to grasp molecular modeling. Includes a library of stunning 3-D molecular images.


Lighting the Grill with Liquid Oxygen - Definitely to be filed in the "don't try this at home" category. Scary, but entertaining and potentially educational.

Equilibrium - A fantastic set of images with a great movie illustrating a clear model of equilibrium. The movie is 10MB, so you will want to prepare it in advance if you don't have a fast connection.

Equilibrium Simulation - Fiddle around with an equilibrium system. Neat java!

Chemical Kinetics - This cool applet is a sim of a binary chemical reaction. Four pairs of molecules bash into each other to form new molecules. You get to control the reaction rate too!

Chemiluminescence - How do light sticks work? A good lab.

Chemistry of Bioluminescence - clearly explains the chemical processes involved bioluminescence.

How Fireworks Work - an explosive set of pages to help you learn all about fireworks.

Chemtutor Reactions - a page that covers almost all aspects of chemical reactions, with some good examples, and some practice questions too.

Chemical Equations - extremely well-written page explaining chemical reactions. Don't miss the cute animation of the formation of water.

Types of Equations - explains clearly how reactions fall into several categories. A practice section too!

Atomic Structure and Chemical Reactions - a brief page that explains what happens to electrons during chemcial reactions.

Chemical Change - has a good section explaining the different types of chemical reactions, but read the rest of the page too - it's very informative.

Classification of Chemical Reactions - excellent diagrams and explanations of reaction types, but the best part is the movie examples!


Chem Lab Safety Guidelines - a good clear page that provides common sense lab guidelines.

Basic Lab Equipment and Techniques - wow! Great diagrams and explanations on how to recognize different pieces of lab equipment and how to use them properly.

EPA Mercury Poisoning Page - a very good description of basic health effects and mercury in the environment.

CDC Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program - a huge resource covering symptoms, causes, sources and more.

Healthy Me: Lead Poisoning - excellent description of the physiological effects of lead poisoning.

New Chemistry Lab Guide - Oh dear, you're not really going to write out a whole safety procedural manual, are you? It's already been done for you on the world wide web! Thanks to Dr. Cal Chany at the University of Illinois! Curriculum Connections: matter properties (skills)

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