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Updated March 13, 2006


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Please note that all reviews are in the process of being updated to new ScienceMan Web site specifications. Ratings are subject to change as products and operating systems are updated.

Thank your for you patience. As reviews are updated, they will be noted as such.

Also note that older titles and hardware items that have not been updated for some time have been removed from the list - if you are a vendor who would like your product re-listed, please contact us with your request.


Title Rating Synopsis



Title Rating Synopsis

easy to use multimedia generator.

(review updated - April 1, 2005)


Title Rating Synopsis
Atom in a Box see the pretty clouds!

(review updated - January 8, 2008)

OnScreen Particle Physics cool particle chamber simulations!

(review updated - Feb 16, 1999)


Title Rating Synopsis
Alchemist's Challenge indispensable chemistry tutorial.

(review updated - January 8, 2008)

The Atomic Mac has a lot of bonus nuclear info.

(review updated - March 13, 2006)


Title Rating Synopsis
Adam Interactive Anatomy the ultimate human dissection!

(review updated - January 8, 2008)


Title Rating Synopsis


Title Rating Synopsis

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